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HARRY POTTER Reading-Diary #6

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Third entry: pages 237-352

Oh my … how could I have been so wrong? All my predictions … a failure. Nothing makes sense now that I know what REALLY happened.
But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

So in the first chapter we first hear that Tom Riddle was at Hogwarts sometime, and that he got a price somehow sometime in the past. Now my question actually is: why do they still keep the prices he won in Hogwarts? Dumbledore and probably all the teachers as well, know who he is, or who he has become, and I don’t get it why they still want to show off his achievements as a student in Hogwarts, although he has done so much harm already.

The next section describes how Harry can communicate with the owner of the diary, T. Riddle, and at that moment I just felt like the dumbest person ever. OF COURSE it was Tom, who else? And I thought it could be Snape or Lockhart. (LOCKHART, how dumb can you be?) It all seemed so logical and everything was resolving. The only question which was left: who opened the chamber of secrets? It couldn’t be Tom, so it must’ve been somebody else. So the predictions continue.

Harry and Ron actually thought that it’s Hagrid who opened the chamber, but I knew that this couldn’t be true. Hagrid is just too good to do such things. But the fact that Tom and Hagrid actually went to Hogwarts together, and Riddle is the reason why Hagrid was thrown out of Hogwarts just blew my mind and it made me hate him even more. How could you do something like that to my dear Hagrid? Shame on you, Riddle. And the fact that Hagrid was sent to Azkaban was just heart-breaking.

In the next chapters we get to know WHICH creature hides in the chamber of secrets, and I just found it hilarious that they were so surprise that it was a snake. Duh, what else could it be? (Let’s just not mention the spider scene, okay? I hate spiders and this just confirmed that they are not to be trusted, EVER)

We find out that Ginny was actually the one opening the chamber of secrets, which in the end was quite surprising. The best thing about this chapter however, was the fight with the Basilisk. Have I ever loved a bird as much as Fawkes? Probably not.

Another thing that I realised was that everyone just hates Lockhart, and they say that he is worse than the Dursleys. In how far? Lockhart is just stupid, and the things he does are crazy most of the times, but he doesn’t know better. He is just dumb. The Durselys DO know better, however. They do know exactly what they do to Harry when they treat him like that. After all, that is why they do it, right?

The best thing about this book was this Dumbledore quote though: “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are.  It is our choices.”
This quote can be so powerful, and it truly was amazing.

And the last thing we see is how Harry frees Dobby. I literally cried tears of happiness when I read this, and I would have LOVED to see Malfoy’s face in this scene. I despise this family.

Overall thoughts, feels, and opinions:
Is it even possible to love the characters more than in the first part? Apparently.
I am so happy that I am making a Reading-Diary for these books, so that I can get all my feelings out there. This was amazing, I don't know what else I could say.
I think I never even saw the second film, so I wasn't too familiar with the plot, which was even better. I predicted so many things that just never happened, but I was so surprised at the other things which then happened, it was amazing. But first things first. That Malfoy guy (senior) just annoys the hell out of me. What even? Nobody insults my Mr. Weasley without being hated for eternity. But the Weasleys in general were so great! Who doesn't want to be part of their family?
But then the thing with the chamber of secrets. I first thought that Snape or Lockhart were the heir of Slytherin, but as soon as they found Tom Riddle's diary, I KNEW what was going on, and that I was completely wrong. There was only one question left, and that was who opened the chamber? Voldemort never could've done that. But that eventually also cleared up, and the whole plot resolved perfectly. I loved it. I loved every single bit of it, even more than the first book. I can't wait for the third part in the series, which is some people's favourite, even.
And here I would like to thank Albus Dumbledore, for making me love hot chocolate so passionately again. I owe it all to you, Sir!

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