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5 days of Bookmas – Day 2: Favourite Fictional Places

12 days of Bookmas is a video series which was created by Hailey over at Hails Hearts NYC. She posts one videoevery day 12 days before Christmas. I am joining in a little bit late, so I will post every day on these 5 days before Christmas. I hope you guys have fun with it!

Today’s topic:
Favourite fictional places you want to visit

#1: Middle Earth
Who would not want to visit Middle Earth, with all its fantastic creatures and places? Middle Earth has always been my favourite fictional place, and if I had the choice, I definitely would choose this world to live in. I do not know with whom I would want to live though. Theoretically it would be amazing to live in Mirkwood, but I would rather prefer the company of Hobbits to be honest, so I would probably live I the Shire with them. (And furthermore, who would leave out second breakfasts?)

#2: Hogwarts
Do I even need to tell you why I wold want to go to Hogwarts? Probably not. If I could be a wizard I would just leave everything and run to catch the Hogwarts train. But when you go to Hogwarts, you can’t only visit the school and castle, but also Hogsmeade and everything else in the wizarding world. How amazing would that be? And just imagine celebrating Christmas in Hogwarts! This would truly be a dream coming true.

#3: Grisha World (Shadow and Bone)
Now, I would not want to visit this world because it’s so beautiful and what not, but because I am so interested in the Grisha and their powers. It would be so amazing to see someone who can just create wind out of nowhere. And of course, it would be awesome to see the Darkling in real too, right? But the whole series takes place in a world which is actually pretty interesting, and I would love to explore all of it.

#4: Dream a little dream
This series actually takes place in our world, but the people in there can dream-walk. So I would not necessarily want to visit our world, but the dream world itself. How cool would it be to just be able to visit other people’s dreams and even be able to influence your own? That would be really exciting in my opinion.

#5: Wardstone Chronicles
And last but not least I really want to visit the world of the Wardstone Chronicles. This series takes place in England many decades ago, and it deals with Boggarts, Witches and Ghosts. The people in this book series have to deal with a lot of scary stuff, and let’s be honest, I would not survive one week in their world, but nonetheless it would be amazing to experience a ghost-hunt yourself one time.

So these were the 5 fictional places I really want to visit. Some of these actually (kind of) exist in real, like the Shire or Hogwarts, so it would be amazing if I could really visit these places one time.
Let me know which places you would like to visit.
but anyway, see you tomorrow! Bye Bye.

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