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5 days of Bookmas – Day 4: Best book friendships

12 days of Bookmas is a video series which was created by Hailey over at Hails Hearts NYC. She posts one video every day on the 12 days leading up to Christmas. I am joining in a little bit late, so I will post every day on these 5 days before Christmas. I hope you guys have fun with it!

Today’s topic:
Best book friendships

#1: Juliette and Kenji (Shatter Me)
Juliette and Kenji have what I would call a perfect friendship. They tease each other, they make fun of one another, but still they care for each other so much, which is great. You can really see their friendship develop through the whole series, and it’s great to see that a boy and a girl can be friends in a book without having romantic feelings for each other; that is just so refreshing!

#2: Ron, Hermione and Harry (Harry Potter)
It is so rare that three book-characters can be together without being stuck in these endless and so annoying love-triangles, and this is so refreshing that this is actually the case with these characters that I had to include them. Their friendship is so strong and they went through such a lot of hard times together, but still they managed to stay together. Throughout the books they have fights and arguments, but still they always find a way back to each other, and that is beautiful.

#3: Aristotle and Dante (Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe)
Ari and Dante’s friendship is truly something special. They literally met each other somewhere unexpected, and then their friendship developed in an even more unexpected but beautiful way. Like all the ones I mentioned before, I think they would go through hell for the other person, because they just care so much about each other. Their friendship is probably so strong that without each other they wouldn’t be able to be happy every again. Such a strong bond definitely deserves this spot in my list!

#4: James and William (The Infernal Devices)
Alright, I understand that you might say that including Parabatai in this list is kind of cheating, but how could I just ignore these two? I have never seen such a strong friendship and love for each other like in these books. Jem would do anything for Will, and same the other way around. But I don’t think it’s only because they are Parabatai, but because they just belong with each other. All these years they have protected one another and stood by each other’s side, even when one person was on the verge of dying, but still they managed to stay together. This unconditional love is what anyone wants from their friend, right?

#5: Karou and Zuzana (Daughter of Smoke and Bone)
Now talking about strong bonds between people, these two definitely belong here. I love it when there are strong female friendships in books, and when the two girls can just conquer the world on their own (because we don’t need no man, right?) and this is definitely the case with these two. If Karou goes to hell, Zuzana will definitely follow her. Literally. They are just the best friend anyone could wish for.

So these were my favourite friendships! Let me know which book friendships you think are the best. I hope you enjoyed it, and see you tomorrow for a last update on Christmas-day! Bye, Bye!

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