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5 days of Bookmas – Day 1: Overhyped Releases

12 days of Bookmas is a video series which was created by Hailey over at Hails Hearts NYC . She posts one video each 12 days before Christmas. I just got out of my finals, so I am joining in a little bit late. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, so I will post every day on these 5 days before Christmas. I really didn’t post a lot the last few weeks, so I hope this will make up for it!

Today’s topic is:
Overhyped Releases

Now before we move on just a quick note: if you love any of the books I mention, that is completely fine. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, right?

#1: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
I know that a lot of people really loved this book, and that is great! But it just wasn’t for me. It got so much hype, especially on the BookTube community, and I had high hopes for this book. REALLY high hopes. But then in the end, it was just a mix of several different YA books (Grisha, Selection, Hunger Games, …) I wished for so much more, for a new world, new characters, but there wasn’t enough originality in my opinion. I am going to read the second book, however, only because I want to know what happens to that ONE single character. 

#2: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
I have only read two books of the trilogy until now, but to be honest I do not have any motivation to finish this series. The writing just did not work for me at all, and I am not really invested in the story. Yeah, the mythological aspect is great, but there is just something major missing for me. I do not really care for any of the characters (except one of them, but I got spoiled as to what happens to him, so there’s that), or the story itself. 

#3: Stolen by Lucy Christoph
I was really excited about this book because some of my favourite BookTubers were recommending this book over and over again. The concept itself also sounded really interesting, and they first few chapters were great, but then everything kind of just went downhill. The books was just too slow for me, and I thought it would focus more on the romance than it actually did in the end, which kind of bothered me. The ending wasn’t great too, because I didn’t get a lot of things which happened, and it all felt too rushed in the end in general. 

#4: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Now don’t get me wrong; I really enjoyed this book while reading it. When I thought about it afterwards though, things didn’t look so good for me anymore. I am not the biggest fan of cheesy love-stories, and the whole book jus dragged on the whole “I actually love you but I can’t” – thing much too long for my taste. Etienne annoyed me a lot too, because some decisions he made were just so weird to me. I read this book years ago, and I do not have any motivation to pick up the next ones in the series to be honest. 

#5: I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson
I wanted to read this book during BookTubeAThon this year, but I had to stop after a few pages and safe it for a later time, because the writing and the characters just didn’t appeal to me. When I picked it up again this didn’t change, unfortunately. The characters (especially Jules) annoyed me so much throughout the whole book, because the things they did to each other were just horrible. The relationship between them was so strange, and I didn’t enjoy reading about it whatsoever. One thing I really enjoyed, however, was the art aspect. I didn’t read a lot of books which deal with art, so that was interesting to see.  

So these were my 5 choices; I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Again: if you love any of these books that it great, and it makes me happy that people give these books some love if I can’t do that, because in the end all books deserve some love, right?
Let me know which books you think are overhyped. See you guys tomorrow for another topic!
Bye Bye.

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