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5 days of Bookmas – Day 3: Favourite villains

12 days of Bookmas is a video series which was created by Hailey over at (). She posts one video every day on the 12 days leading up to Christmas. I am joining in a little bit late, so I will post every day on these 5 days before Christmas. I hope you guys have fun with it!

Today’s topic (aka the topic I could talk about 24/7):
Favourite villains

#1: Sebastian Morgenstern (The Mortal Instruments)
People who talk to me about favourite characters might have noticed that I have special feelings for characters with daddy-issues and a very tragic past. This character is no different in that. However, as a villain Sebastian is just perfect. He has everything it takes. He is evil, he does not hesitate to achieve his goals, but he also has his softer side, which is amazing. In general he is a very complex and interesting character, which just makes him my favourite character of all time. If you haven’t read the TMI series yet, definitely do that!

#2: “The villain” (Grisha-Trilogy)
Now I can’t tell you the name of this character, because that would kind of be a spoiler, so we will just call him “the villain” of the Grisha trilogy. There is this one plot-twist in the first book that just changes everything, and from this moment on I liked this character. I saw the twist coming, but still it shocked me, and that’s what I love about characters: when they can surprise me. This character has a lot more depth to him than I originally would have thought, so that is amazing as well! But I guess everyone who has read the Grisha-trilogy loves this character, right?

#3: Warner (Shatter Me)
Before you all say “But Warner isn’t what you think…” I KNOW. I read the whole series, and I do know what happens but still, he starts off as a villain (in Juliette’s mind, so). With Warner, we are again at the “horrible past” and “daddy-issues” point of the story, but still, I really like his story and character. As I said before, I like it when characters go a lot deeper than you think they will, and that definitely happens with this character as the series progresses. 

#4: President Snow (Hunger Games)
Now, I no lot “love” President Snow whatsoever, but when I thought about good villains he also came to my mind. He has everything what a good villain needs. He is creepy as hell, he does everything to kill his enemy and he does not hesitate while doing it. What more could you ask for? This guy definitely sometimes gave me Goosebumps while I was reading Hunger Games, and the anger about him sometimes just overwhelmed me. If that isn’t a sign that he is a good villain, I don’t know what it. 

#5: Volturi (Twilight)
Now, I know that this might seem like an unusual answer, but I still really like the Volturi in the Twilight series. These guys definitely creeped me out as well sometimes when I read about them. But again, it is not the actual things they do in the series, but their backstory which interested me a lot. Each and every one of them (and their wives) have such a great and complex backstory, that sometimes I was just astonished at how well though-out these characters actually are. If you have read “The world of Bella and Edward” you know what I am talking about. Even in “life and death”, which is kind of a spin-off book of Twilight, we get to know small details about them. I just love these guys!

So these were some of my favourite villains. Let me know which villains you really like! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and I also hope to see you tomorrow. Bye Bye!

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