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My name is Anna-Maria, I come from Austria and I am studying English and History at University currently.
I'm 18 years old and I (obviously) love books & fandoms :)

Basically I read everything in the Young Adult and New Adult genre, no matter if it's Contemporary, Fantasy or Science Fiction. I can't tell you what my favorite books are, because I have hundreds.

I want to share my love for books with everyone, so I created this Blog. On here you will find book & movie reviews, discussions on certain fandom-topics, Book tags and a lot more. Sooner or later I will host Giveaways too, so look out for that!


Goodreads: Anna-Maria Morgenstern
Twitter: @abookobsessed
Tumblr: shadowhuntingbookobsessed.tumblr.com 
 Facebook: Book Obsessed 
Instagram: @abookobsessed

You can contact me/ask me question on any of the social-media profiles above.
For business inquiries please email me at: phil.mason410@gmail.com 

How I rate books/movies

5|5 ★: I loved, loved, loved this book/movie! It was perfect and there absolutely no flaws with it whatsoever.
4|5 ★: I really enjoyed the book/movie a lot. It wasn’t perfect, but I have no big issues with it.
3|5 ★: There were some flaws, but I still liked the book rather a lot.
2|5 ★: This book/movie had too many flaws for me to enjoy it.
1|5 ★: I really didn’t enjoy the book at all and I probably won’t even finish it.

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