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HARRY POTTER Reading-Diary #5

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Second entry: Pages 129-236

The next chapter was all about almost-headless-Nick and his death-day celebration. It was quite funny to see all these ghosts in one spot, and even some new ghosts were introduced. Maybe they’ll play a bigger part in the later books too. I would love that!

But when our trio comes back from the party and find Mr. Norris I was quite shocked, because I actually thought that it’s dead. I mean, yeah do something to Flinch, whatever, but not the cat!

But before we move along to the Chamber of Secrets I wanted to mention the Quidditch game quickly. I kind of really like Wood, and the Gryffindors SO deserved to win. I felt an odd satisfaction when Malfoy was just right next to the snitch, and didn’t even realise it. My hate for Draco still didn’t get less, if you didn’t notice it yet.

And then we see that the chamber of secrets was opened, and thus the inheritor of Slytherin is in Hogwarts. Harry, Ron and Hermione suspected that it was Malfoy, but I knew from the beginning on that that wasn’t true. That would’ve been too simple. And then the fact that Dobby comes in and tells Harry that it was HIM all along who caused such trouble, just so that he stays away from Hogwarts, all that seems kind of strange. I mean, he said he does it because they have a better life with Harry, right? So he must think that Harry is going to die because he enters the chamber of secrets and gets killed by the creature who waits there. (That’s another thing: this creature. Everyone wonders what it might be, but let’s be real here. Ohhh, this chamber was made by a SLYTHERIN, I wonder what it might be. How about a groundhog. Or no, maybe it’s an elephant. I mean DUH, Harry!) I kind of think or know that Harry is involved with this (yeah, I know), but as far as I understood it only the inheritor of Slytherin can open the chamber. So Harry can’t be the right person, because he never did that, he can’t be the person we are looking for. Another suspect that I had at first was Snape, because I always suspect him for everything strange that is going on. I mean, is there a way to avoid this? I don’t think so. But then again I realised, that it would be kind of logical too if Lockhart had something to do with it. At first I thought that he is too stupid (I’m sorry but it’s true) to do something like that, but what if he is just a really good actor? I see no other suspects that would be logical, but we will see!

I am intrigued to see which victims this person chooses next, and I definitely want to know, who he is! I can’t wait to find out.

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