Samstag, 24. Oktober 2015

HARRY POTTER Reading-Diary #3

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Third entry: pages 236-334

I KNEW that there was something wrong with that turban guys, I TOLD YOU. But let's start from the beginning okay? The fact that Snape wasn't the one who was harming Harry, but Quirrel just made me happy instantly. You go, Snape. Him and Harry's father both liked Lily, right? So he should take care of Harry, like he did as we saw. And I loved that.
Hagrid is still my favourite though. "I shouldn't have said that. I should NOT have said that." Ohhh Hagrid, we love you thought. But that whole Hagrid and dragon thing was kind of weird, wasn't it? How could he assume that it would be normal that someone just walks around with a dragon egg in his pocket? Although I didn't know that it was Voldi in the end then I knew there was something wrong with that.

But can we talk about the puzzles please? They were amazing. And considering these kids are eleven it's pretty impressive that they solved them thus quickly. And I am so impressed by Ron's chess game. And Hermione's logic puzzle was even worse, I can tell you. They could've known that it was Quirrel who let the troll in though, just because of Snape's puzzle. Quirrel was the only one who was left. But let’s be honest, you could almost call this book “Harry Potter and the year Hermione did everything.”

Dumbledore is amazing too, though. Oh you thought Slytherin wins the house-cup? NOPE, not with Dumbledore. He gonna change that game. I loved that he rewarded even Neville, for his bravery and courage. He was someone who really deserved it, and I think that he will develop so much in the next books, I can already tell.

Overall thoughts, feels, and opinion:
Why haven’t I read Harry Potter before you might ask? Well …
I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to read Harry Potter when I was a child, and then I kind of lost sight of it. I forgot that it was such a big thing until I got into tumblr and Fandoms. Then I didn’t want to read it anymore because I got spoiled for so many things, but sometimes you just have to make sacrifices, right? So I jumped into it, and I LOVED IT.
Where was this all my life? I loved every single page. (Well maybe not the first 100, bit definitely the other ones.) The characters are AKA-MAZING and perfect and the writing is perfect and the plot too i just can't, honestly. I wanna buy all these books immediately, but i will try to keep it low with the buying. Christmas is coming.
Although I never read this book before, it somehow felt like coming home, does that make any sense? Only one book in and I already fell like Hogwarts is my second home. I even planned a trip to the Harry Potter Wizarding World, that’s how deep I am in the Fandom already, lol.

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