Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

Bookshelf fall-decoration ideas

I am in no way really good at decorating or whatever, but this post should just inspire you. I looked everywhere to find bookshelf decoration ideas, but I didn’t find anything, so I decided to make it myself. As I said, do not expect a lot, I am no expert in decorating whatsoever ;)


1.   Leaves are falling
When someone mentions fall I always immediately think of the beautifully coloured leaves that are everywhere. And of course this is also a great way to decorate your shelf. I put up some fake leaves onto my shelf (as you can see on the picture), and it even looks like as if they were FALLing! (Get it? Yeah I know.)

2.   Light it up!
What fits fall better than fairy-lights? Right! Nothing. Non-coloured lights would fit fall better in my opinion, but I only have colourful ones, so I used these ones. Anyway, surrounding your shelf with lights just makes it look so much nicer.

3.   Use candles
Candles are perfect for every season, let’s be honest, but I especially love them in fall and winter. Of course you can use any candles you want, but for my bookshelf I prefer candles that actually work with battery and not with real flames. You can get these at any decoration store nowadays, and in my opinion they look just as good as normal ones.

4.   Decorative glasses
You can use such glasses for basically any season. For fall I just filled it with chestnuts, a few big and small leaves and a few fir cones. All the things fit fall perfectly, so I decided to put these things in. Putting this on your shelf, also on or between books, makes your shelf look just more fall-y.

5.   Owls
Same as candles, owls fit any occasion, right? But combined with some leaves you can even make your owls look more like fall. Of course you can use any Owl you want, I just found this one and thought it looked cute on my shelf.

6.   Other decoration ideas
The remaining thing do not really fit into a category, so I will just provide you some pictures, which should inspire you.
I have another tip though: I found out that it looks better when you combine thing, and do not just leave them on your shelf alone (same with the owl and the leaves). The decoration sticks out more this more, which is what we want, right?

I really hoped that some of these things inspired you to make your own bookshelf decoration. If you decorated your bookshelf too, please send me a picture!
See you next time!

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