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Top 5 Wednesday: Characters you wish you could drown

This is the first time that I do Top 5 Wednesday and I really hope that I can continue with this “series” here on my Blog! I hope you guys enjoy it!

The T5W goodreads group and the creator’s YouTube channel are both linked below:
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So this week’s topic is “5 characters you wish you could drown”, and at first I actually didn’t want to participate, because I thought that I do not hate so many characters. Then however, I looked at my shelf and realized … that I actually hated more characters than 5. So here you have my 5 most disliked characters.

5. Margo Roth Spiegelman (Paper Towns)

I know that a lot of people like her as a character, but I just had some issues with her. I didn’t get anything she did; it just didn’t make sense to me. Everything she did seemed so very unrealistic and strange, and I just couldn’t get close to her, because in some way, while I was reading the book, she just always seemed to be even more far away, although she was right there in the scene. Hard to explain, but I just dislike her character.

4. Ringer (The 5th Wave)

Ringer is kind of a soldier in this series and she joins Ben’s group in the first book. I didn’t enjoy her character at all. She is that type of person who thinks that she can do anything, and she isn’t bad at anything, and I hate such people. She is also the reason why I didn’t read the second book yet, because I’ve heard that she gets a lot of screen-time, and I just can’t stand that.

3. Nate Gray (The Infernal Devices)

Let’s be honest here, we all were at a point when reading this series, where we just wanted Tessa to find her brother, we wanted that he is fine, and we pitied him when he appeared the first time. But these times changed for me, oh and how they changed. I dislike back-stabbing characters in general, but he is the worst out of all of them actually. I can’t tell you what he exactly did, because I don’t want to spoil you, but those who have read the series know what I am talking about.

2. Anderson (Shatter Me)

Telling you his “real” name would kind of be a spoiler for everyone who hasn’t read this series, and because I don’t want that we will just call him Anderson. He is the father of Warner, and my most hated character in the series. If there was a “worst-father-of-the-universe” award, he, alongside with Valentine Morgenstern (who should be in this list too, but I can't cheat twice in a row), would probably get it. I cannot tell you exactly what he did, but he is a heartless cold-blooded man who just freaks me out every time I see him, and what he has done to his son can’t ever be forgiven.

1. Seelie Queen & Maia Roberts (The Mortal Instruments)

I know I am cheating when I actually put two characters onto this spot, but I really can’t decide which of these two women I dislike more. Maia, in my opinion, doesn’t contribute anything important to the story at all. Her chapters are boring and I was so annoyed with her by the last book that I actually just wanted to skip her chapters. Yeah, with Jordan she was bearable, but at the end of the series I was just happy that I didn’t have to read her parts anymore, really. Whilst all the characters I’ve mentioned before just annoy me and I strongly dislike them, the Seelie Queen is the person I would actually drown. There isn’t a bigger b.tch (I am so sorry, but I had to) in the whole entire universe. Nothing else to say here, right?

So those were my Top 5 most disliked characters. I hope you enjoyed this Top 5 Wednesday! See you again later :)

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