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5 Books you should read in the cities where they take place

This post was inspired by this video, so definitely make sure you check it out: 

I think the title says it all, sop let's get started :)

1.     The fault in our stars

During this book the two main protagonists Hazel und Augustus travel to Amsterdam and visit a lot of places there, such as the Anne Frank house. But along the canal there are many benches to just sit down, relax, read and experience the wonderful romance of Hazel und Gus.

2.     The Infernal Devices

Although these books take place in London in the time of the reign of Queen Victoria, there are still a lot of places you can visit. For example you can take a walk in Hyde Park or go and take a look if you find London’s Shadowhunter-Institute. But most importantly, and a place you DEFINITELY have to visit, is Blackfriars Bridge (and maybe read some great Jessa scenes while you're there). 

3.     Anna and the French Kiss

The main protagonist Anna travels to Paris in this book, and, of course, she visits all great monuments of this beautiful city. Maybe go and visit the Eiffel tower or the Notre-dame cathedral while you read about the incredibly cute love-story between Anna and Étienne. 

4.     Divergent

Although this novel takes place in the future, Chicago still holds some great sights to see for all divergent fans. Go on a ride on the Ferris wheel for example, where Tris and Four get closer for the first time, or visit all the cool places where the movie was shot. Anyhow, it surely is a great place to read this series. 

5.     Outlander

I have to admit, I did not read this series myself yet, but I definitely plan to do so. Anyhow I think it’s an amazing experience to read about the adventures of Claire in Scotland whilst you are physically there. A lot of places mentioned in the book exists in real life, and is there any better way than to read about adventures while you experience them yourself? 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this different type of Blog-post, and I hope you enjoyed the recommendations. I hope to see you soon on my Blog again! see you then :) 

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