Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

Valentine's Day Book Recommendations

Welcome again to my Blog guys. 
Today it’s Valentine's Day, and I have six book-recommendations for you that will brighten up you day, if you want to spend it with a good book.

  • ·         Forbidden (Tabitha Suzuma)

The first book I would recommend you is a rather serious book, but the romance is absolutely beautiful. It tells the story of a rather controversial topic, which is brother and sister falling in love. Nevertheless this book is beautiful, and although it’s heart-breaking, I’m sure you will enjoy it!

  • ·         Will Grayson & Will Grayson (David Levithan; John Green)

This book tells the story of two boys, who share the same name, live in the same town, and through some accident they meet and their whole live changes. In this book there are two very cute love-stories which will definitely pick you up, if you are feeling down.

  • ·         Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins)

This book was pretty obvious: Anna and the French Kiss, or actually all Stephanie Perkins books are perfect for days like Valentines Day! It tells the story of a girl called Anna, who was forced to move to Paris, where she meets Étienne, a very charming French boy who steals her heart immediately. The love-story in the book is beautiful and definitely worth a read.

  • ·         Eleanor and Park (Rainbow Rowell)

I am reading this book currently and I absolutely love it. It tells the story of two 16 year olds, who find out that they share more things than they first thought they would. The writing-style is perfect, and I will definitely spend my Valentines Day with this beautiful book.

  • ·         Obsidian (Jennifer L. Armentrout)

Whilst the other books were all contemporary recommendations, this one is a Science-Fiction book. Obsidian tells the story of a girl named Katy, who moves to a new town where he meets the beautiful and mysterious Daemon Black. A great love-story with a lot of funny moments.

  • ·         Ruby Red (Kerstin Gier)

This book was written for younger people, but nevertheless it’s a really quick and fun read. It’s about time-travelling and finding yourself and who you are, but it also includes a very nice love-story. Definitely worth a read.

I really hope you guys enjoy these recommendations. Tell me with which book you will spend you Valentine's Day. 

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