Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

The Twilight Tag

Today I will do the Twilight-Book-Tag!

I wanted to do this tag for ages, since I’m a huge Twilight-Fan, and today I finally got around doing it! I really hope you guys enjoy it.
This Tag was created by Natasha; here is the link to the video:

Let’s start with the questions!

1. What movie and book is your favorite?

I really love Eclipse. I think it’s the most action-packed and also most romantic one. However, I also really enjoy Breaking Dawn Part 1 as a movie.

2. What has your experience been like with Twilight?

My cousin read the book when I was about 13 and she recommended it to me. That time, I wasn’t really a big reader, but I tried it out anyway. And omg, I’m so glad I did! I just finished the series when the first movie came out, so I experienced the whole Fangirling experience from the beginning on!

3. Favorite character?

I love both, Edward and Bella, but I’m going for Benjamin for this question. He is a really interesting character, and if you know his back-story, it makes him even more lovable.

4. Team Edward or Jacob?

Edward all the way. There is no Team Jacob for me.

5. Your favorite Cullen (other than Edward)

I really love Carlisle. He is so gentle and careful and lovely. He would be a perfect father.

6. Favorite song from the soundtrack? Or favorite soundtrack?

My favorite song is Northern Lights. It is so beautiful, although you can’t really hear it well in the movie. It’s a great song!

7. How often do you watch a Twilight movie?

I actually do Twilight-marathons monthly, so I watch all the movies every 4 weeks or so. (Twiharding at it’s best, ohh yes)

8. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

Vampire all the way. It would be amazing to have super-speed and be invincible and all that kind of stuff.

9. What vampire power would you want?

Bellas power is really great, but I would also really like to have Edwards power sometimes. If I could creat a new power, I would really want to be able to teleport to other places.

10. Most embarrassing thing you did because of Twilight?

Is almost passing out when seeing an Edward poster in the local cinema a embarrassing thing? I think so …

11. A part that made you cry in the book and in the movie?

I think we will all answer the same thing here. New Moon, when Edward left Bella. It wasn’t necessarily when he left her, but when the months passed, and we saw Bellas life being just like blank pages. It shows how empty Bellas life was after Edward left. It broke my heart.

12. Name all of the movies from your favorite to least favorite.

Breaking Dawn Part 1
Breaking Dawn Part 2
New Moon (too less Edward, just saying)

I really hope you guys enjoyed this tag. 
Feel free to answer these questions yourself. :)

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