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“Shadowhunter” TV-show casting news & my opinion on it

Today I have exciting news for you all! As you know, the “The Mortal Instruments” series is going to be turned into a TV-show. As far as I know, they will start filming in May or June. But yesterday the producers revealed the first person of the cast. First off they showed us who has been cast for the role of Jace Wayland/Herdonale/Lightwood.

Dominic Sherwood!

You might know him from the Vampire Academy movie, or a Taylor Swift music video. In case you didn’t see it yet, here is the link for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CmadmM5cOk

Now for me, Dom is the almost perfect choice for Jace. Yes, he doesn’t have the gold hair or eyes, but hair dye and contacts are a thing in the 21st century, guys. However, a lot of people seem to be upset with the casting and they think that, and I quote, “he looks too tough”, “he doesn’t look as sweet as Jace”, “he looks like William” and so on and so on.

Now first of all you need to realize, that the Jace which exists in our minds DOES NOT exist in real life. Thus, he can never be PERFECTLY cast, because the perfect Jace of our imagination only lives in our minds, not in real life. It is more than clear that the actor who is cast isn’t JACE himself.

A lot of people seem to argue however, that Jamie Campbell Bower (the “former” Jace) would have been much better and much more perfect for the role of Jace. However, I can recall that when they revealed the cast for the movie, ALMOST EVERYONE was upset because they didn’t like Jamie and they couldn’t picture him as Jace. How come that that changed so quickly now suddenly? People only like him more because they are used to him, but you haven’t seen Dom as Jace yet, have you? So you can’t judge him now just by his looks, because the acting will play a much bigger role than his appearance.

Moreover, THEY WILL NOT KEEP THE MOVIE CAST. Stop acting as if we could change that! The TV-show is a new beginning, they want to start all over again, and you can’t start off freshly with the same old people. You don’t know anyone of the new cast, so be open and try to be happy about what we get. We get a TV SHOW! That is the most amazing thing that could happen to a Fandom! Of course everyone can have an own opinion, and I do not say that you HAVE TO like Dom as Jace, because I frankly don’t care, but at least wait until you see him as Jace, okay? It isn’t fair towards Dominic to hate on him now. Don’t judge him only by his looks, just be patient, watch the first few episodes and then decide.

Even Cassandra Clare herself said that Dom’s audition was amazing, and she is very excited to see him as Jace. And who, if not Cassie, knows how Jace should look like, or act like? If his mother approves, I surely do too!

Anyhow, I am sorry for these harsh words. I am sorry if I offended anyone, I never intended to, but this just had to be said. If you don’t like Dom, fine, but don’t hate on him alright?

I will keep you up-to-date with all casting news as soon as we get to know more, so stay tuned! ;)

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