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Review: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

Review: Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

 “I don’t care how hard being together is,
nothing is worse than being apart.” 


When shy, awkward Helen Hamilton sees Lucas Delos for the first time she thinks two things: the first, that he is the most ridiculously beautiful boy she has seen in her life; the second, that she wants to kill him with her bare hands. With an ancient curse making them loathe one another, Lucas and Helen have to keep their distance. But sometimes love is stronger than hate, and not even the gods themselves can prevent what will happen ...


The cover is really beautiful. The both people portray the protagonists perfectly and the colors are beautiful too. Furthermore, the flashes on the cover have a special meaning in the book, so it's great that they included that in the cover.

My opinion:

At the beginning I had a few problems with the book. I couldn’t cope with the writing style and the story itself and also the characters seemed kind of strange to me, at first. After reading a few more chapters though, I could really get into the story. Chapter for chapter it got more exciting and interesting. After the first 100 pages I also liked the writing-style a bit better and it was easier to read for me. The most interesting and exciting part of the book were the last 100 pages, though. Then the action really started and I read through it in less than an hour. I am very interested in Greek-mythology in general, and thus I read the Percy Jackson books already. The whole concept with the “houses” seemed a lot like Percy Jackson to me at first. But I have never been more wrong. It’s something completely new and unique (not to give away too much). Also the characters were great. I fell in love with the whole Delos family and their character traits.


It was entertaining, funny and romantic. All in all it was a good first part of the trilogy.


4.6 | 5 stars

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