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Top 5 most disappointing books of 2015

I actually didn’t want to make this post, because I do not like spreading negativity on my blog. However, every time someone posts a video about this topic, or writes a blogpost, I am excited and I really enjoy watching/reading it. Thus, and because we cannot like all books we read, I wanted to make this post in order to share my honest opinions with you guys.
As always, please remember that I do not want to offend anyone. This is just my opinion, and if you enjoyed any of the books I didn’t like, that’s completely fine!

#1: Red Queen
Let’s get the most controversial one out of the way. I mainly picked up the book because it was really hyped up on BookTube, and I usually trust my favourite bloggers. This one, however, didn’t work for me. If you are familiar with my blog you might know that I am not a huge fan of this book. I felt like it was just a mix of all YA books ever. I did not find the story appealing, it was very predictable, and the characters somehow didn’t stick with me, except one of them. I will read the second book in the series, only to know what happens to that one character I love. 

#2: Dreamless
This is the second book in the Starcrossed series; I started the series two years ago, and I didn’t particularly like the first book, so I hoped the second book would be better. However, my expectations were too high. I really don’t like the author’s writing style, and, same with Red Queen actually, I didn’t connect to the characters. I got spoiled for the last part in the series, and it was a spoiler involving my only favourite character in this series, so now I really don’t even want to force myself through the last book in the series. 

#3: The infinite sea
This is the second book in the 5th Wave series. First you need to know that I really loved the first book. I like the writing, most of the characters, everything was just fine. Then the second book came along. Whilst some of the parts in the books were great and really interesting, half of the book was written in THAT character’s point of view. You know, THAT character? The character you are just so annoyed with and whose chapters you just want to skip? Exactly that character. And thus, I didn’t like the book as much as I hoped to. I really hope that the third book will have POV’s I actually care for. 

#4: I’ll give you the sun
This book was probably the most disappointing out of all of them. I only heard good things about it before, so I was going into it with very high expectations. Sadly, this book wasn’t for me. The story wasn’t going anywhere interesting in my opinion, and the characters were a bit overdramatic at some points. Most problems could have been solved if they just talked to each other, but miscommunication is one of my biggest book pet-peeves and so, I didn’t like it. 

#5: Stolen
This book was recommended to me by a lot of people, and the plot sounded interesting and like something I’ve never read before. But again, I didn’t like how the story developed. I was expecting something like a love story, but all I got was pretty Australian scenery and a few nice scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t completely hate it, but still it didn’t stick with me. Actually, I already forgot half of what happened, so the story wasn’t very remarkable for me.

So there you have it: these were my top 5 most disappointing reads this year. I hope you enjoyed it. Again: if you loved any of these books that’s great! I really appreciate that people can give these books some love. Because after all, all books deserve to be loved!
I hope you guys enjoyed it! See you next time!

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