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Review: The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black

“Fire wants to burn, Water wants to flow, Air wants to rise, Earth wants to bindChaos wants to devour”


Most kids would do anything to pass the Iron Trial.
Not Callum Hunt. He wants to fail.
All his life, Call has been warned by his father to stay away from magic. If he succeeds at the Iron Trial and is admitted into the Magisterium, he is sure it can only mean bad things for him. So he tries his best to do his worst - and fails at failing.
Now the Magisterium awaits him. It's a place that's both sensational and sinister, with dark ties to his past and a twisty path to his future.
The Iron Trial is just the beginning, for the biggest test is still to come . . .


I absolutely love the cover. The man with the mask has something mysterious on him and I also love it that you can see the three main characters on the cover.

My opinion:

I mainly bought this book because I am a huge fan of the books by Cassandra Clare, and I was interested in her new book, also if it’s a collaboration. It kind of was a change for me to read something else by her. At the beginning I really couldn’t get into the story at all. It took me a long time to read the first few chapters, because nothing really happened and it was rather boring. Also the characters were very strange at first. Callum behaved like a little child and complaint all the time, and also the other characters were not really great in my opinion. But then, after the first 200 pages, it took a turn and a lot of things happened at the same time and it was a bit more action-packed. Furthermore, even the characters were lovable in the end, especially Callum because he went through a huge character-development in this book. But the best thing about this book was the ending. There was such a huge plot-twist at the end which made me just stop and think for a while, because I couldn’t believe what just happened. And that’s what I loved about this book. It was surprising and breathtaking at the end.
There is something I’d like to mention though. A lot of people seem to think that “it’s same like Harry Potter”, but I can tell you: It’s not! The magic, the school, the tasks that need to be fulfilled are all completely different.


A very slow beginning but with a breathtaking ending of the first book. I would recommend this books for people around 12-16 years though, because it’s a middle-grade book.


3.5 | 5 Sterne

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