Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2014

The Mortal Instruments as a TV-show?

A lot of you might have heard it already. 
The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare will become a TV-show. 
Whilst a lot of people approve of this idea, others really don’t. In this part I will share my opinion on this topic with you.

First of all I’m a huge fan of the TMI series, and I am really happy about the news. There are just so many more opportunities for the producers to stay true to the books. If they would have continued making movies, they would have had to leave out a lot of details and maybe also characters from the movies, but now they can include everything in the series. If you look at the movie adaptation of “City of Bones” there are a few things which they have changed, and a lot of people might not have been happy with this. A TV-series is definitely a better solution for this.

Rumor has it that also the actors will be recasted for the TV-show. A lot of people already got used to the “old” actors from the movie and so they are not happy about that there will be new ones. For me this is totally fine. A few characters didn’t look like the people I had in mind, and I think it is positive that they choose new actors. We don’t know yet who the actors are going to be, and how they will act, so I think that we should look forward to it.

If they stay true to the books, the TV-series will definitely be a success and I really look forward to more news about it!

Feel free to share you opinion on this topic in the comments!

In case you need more information you can read an article regarding this topic here:

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